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The app is still amazing, and probably the best one in this category. I am wondering if they sent you a rigged unit to review.

What is Nike + FuelBand used as?

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Unboxing - Nike FuelBand - En EspaƱol

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Nike+ FuelBand - SmartWatch For

Alternatively, you can write a BLE proxy using two Bluetooth adapters. Imagine how much fun you could have with sending messages to runner's bands at Nike branded half and full marathons! Not that I would do that. Hardware reverse engineering has gotten so much easier since everyone is obligated to deliver some useless Android preferred or iPhone app with their consumer junk. No one seems to bother with obfuscation.

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Very interesting, I've not yet ventured in to the BLE protocol world yet. They have an undocumented serial protocol for controlling the device and getting RF power level readings and the proper info to parse it. Once I got the basic command set figured out I wrote up documentation and a Python library[1]. Without reverse engineering the device firmware or the original software it was basically blind guessing and later automated guessing.

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Dylan on Jan 30, I'm baffled by the intended authentication path not using the entire 4 bytes of the CRC after bothering with such a big random number. I'm baffled by everything about the intended authentication path?! Is something wrong with HMAC? This is awesome! Thanks for writing this. I think I'll try reversing Fitbit beyond Galileo. Also, for those who don't know, Wireshark can sniff the Fitbit dongle using usbmon module incase you don't have a BTLE enabled device. MITMProxy is also great for making dumps to be studied.

Even if you are allowed to reverse engineer software in certain cases, directly taking what you learned from the effort and using it to write other code by yourself is another matter. It's the sort of situation we have "clean room" reverse engineering[1] procedures for. BorisMelnik on Jan 30, Extremely impressive, have been watching this technology and have seen a number of folks attempt this.